832 – Father Simeon de la Jara

When, in 1974, the entire monastery relocated to Agios Grigorios (St Gregory) on Mount Athos, Simeon followed, living at the Agios Grigorios Monastery until 1987. He subsequently became a hermit, moving to the old hermits cell of Timios Stavros near the Stavronikita monastery, where he built a new dependency and formed a complex.


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  1. George says:

    Father Simeon was the first ever Priestmonk I met from the Holy Mountain while I was still a child in Australia. Truly a great man. I always try and visit his hermitage every time I pass it on the way to Stavronikita.

  2. Hadrian Liem says:

    Dear Sir;

    I am a philatelist and I would like to collect the stamps of Aghion Oros, right from the beginning. I have heard that the first issues of Mt. Athos independent postal stamps began in 2008.
    Could you tell me how can buy these stamps [including this year’s issues].
    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you.
    Hadrian Liem.

  3. Rainer Ludwig says:

    Dear Mr. Liem,

    I read your question about stamps of Aghion Oros.
    Please take this link for your information
    -of course in Greek and English-


    Kind regards Rainer

  4. Cecilia Egues says:

    George, I am Cecilia Egues. I met Father Simeon when I lived in Lima, Peru before he left for a long trip. I really would like to get in touch with him, again. If you know where can I write him a letter or email, could you please so kind to let me know. Thanks

    • Luminita Maria Ifrim says:

      Dear George, dear Cecilia, if you think that Father Simeon will not be disturbed by my letter, could please give me an address, in case you have one?
      Thank you ,
      Luminita Maria

      • Cecilia Egues says:

        I would like to know where I can write Father Simeon…. but the last new about him is his visit to Oxapampa in Peru on August 2013

  5. Juan Francisco De la Jara says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I would like to contact father Symeon. Do you know where I can write to him.

    Thanks in advance

    best Regrads

  6. Japetus says:

    Father Simeon is the Elder of the Stavronikita kelion of Timios Stavros.
    You should address your letter as: Elder Simeon, Stavronikita Kelion of Timios Stavros, 63086 Karyes, Agion Oros, Greece.

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