825 – Change

The new Holy Kinótita

Simeón Dionisiátis (from I. M. Dionisíou) is the new Proto-epistatis of the Holy Kinótita (2009/2010). Two days ago (first of june on Agion Oros) was the change. In Greek.

The same ceremony in 2001. Photo: Athos memory
Thanks to Vasilis.

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4 Responses to 825 – Change

  1. Richard Storey says:

    I have used this map successfully for the last two pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain. It seems accurate, although a photo of Stavronikita is labelled as Vatopedi.

  2. Dimitris says:

    I give my thumbs up to this map as well. I have been using it as well and I never got lost once! I probably need to buy a new copy though, cause mine is getting rather worn out. The detailed height levels are of a particular help, because they give a fairly good idea about a footpath’s level of difficulty.

  3. Vasilis says:

    I bought the map last summer in Ouranoupoli. I also think, like Richard and Dimitris, that it is a very good map.

  4. Vasilis says:

    But it is remarkable that on this new map the summit of Agion Oros is on 2033 m. On its predecessor it is 2027 m.

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