824 – Athos in 1982


This is the Church of the Sacred Forerunner John the Baptist belonging to the Brotherhood of the Elder Joseph the Hesychast and where Elder Joseph lived. Elder Joseph died recently in Vatopedi.
Where is it?


More. photos by Lesolub.
Photos found by Keliotes.

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  1. moinillon says:

    1) Métropolite Lavr (†2008) Primat de l’Église russe hors frontières
    2) chez l’Ancien Joseph l’hésychaste
    3) hiéromoine Séraphim de Karoulia (années 1970)
    4) Au skite russe du Prophète Élie (dépendant du monastère Pantocrator)

  2. jovana says:

    3)”That is father Seraphim,he was Russian who graduated on Military academy before revolution,and then during the revolution he came as a refugee in Serbia in the monastery Miljkovo where he entered a monastic order (St. John.Maximovic of Shanghai & San Francisco made him a monk).I don’t know exactly when he had went to mount Athos,but he spent whole his life on Karoulia.He was a great ascetic and clergyman who I visited many times during my stay there.He was a pure angelic soul”- that is what my priest,archimandrite Gabriel(Vuckovic) said about this picture

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