809 – Lavra: the graves of Patriarchs

In 1986 I took these pictures of the graves of patriarchs:

Plan of Lavra with the graves, next to the katholikon – 1986

In 1986 the niches/graves were conceiled with a (glass) window, which a text on it, such as this one: Patriarch Dionysiou, Vardali (?) 1696.

In 2007 these windows were removed and I was able to make a (unsharpe) picture of Emporer Constantinos inside one of the niches:
A fresco of Emporer Constantine in one of the graves of Patriarchs – 2007
Wim, 26/5

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2 Responses to 809 – Lavra: the graves of Patriarchs

  1. Stephanos says:

    Thanks for your wonderful Athos Web-log and sharing your love for The Holy Mountain! It is absolutely excellent and I have been sending the link to so many brothers in UK and other countries. The grace of the Lord Jesus be with your spirit!

  2. Vasilis says:

    The text, as far as I can see, gives the name (in memory of) of His All Holyness Ecumenical Patriarch Dionísios Γ΄ (the third) Várdalis.

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