799 – Photo by Arnold Genthe (1869 – 1942)

Abbot and deacons Sografou. Photo taken 1929/1930. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington.
Abbot and Deacons at the Mt. Athos Monastery of Zographou, a superb example of Genthe’s ethereal, soft-focus style. “Genthe captured his subjects in a beautiful, half-flickering light in a striking context,” Ms. Hall-Duncan says. “Intense shadows contrast with luminous accents where light touches the hands and faces of the Abbot and Deacons, just beneath the portraits of four saints. He caught an extraordinary moment.”
Text by Caramoor’s House

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  1. Wim says:

    Wikipedia says: Usage by Christians
    The hexagram may be found in some Churches and stained-glass windows. Example of this is one embedded in the ceiling of the Washington National Cathedral. Because a similar-looking sign called the encircled pentagram is used in occultism, it was not used in church architecture until Christian architects, both Protestant and Catholic, began to accept the notion that the Star of David is an old Jewish sign.[citation needed] In Christianity it is often called the star of creation.

  2. salam says:

    sur le site de la Library of congress en cherchant bien on trouve une troisième photo : le bibliothécaire de Simonos Petra

  3. salam says:

    Voici le lien

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