798 – Timiou Stavrou: found at last !

Many times we gave you information about this “mystery”-place on Athos, that I visited on my trip in 1986. With the help of our readers we discovered the name of this kellion and that it belonged to Ukrain monks, but exact place on the map was still not known. We only knew it would be somewhere in the neighbourhood of Skiti Provata. The latest version of Google maps gives us this picture with a Panorma-photo of the building, so we can assume that we finally discovered the exact spot of this ruin! (by the way, Google Earth still shows some annoying clouds over Kavsokalivia, Dochiariou, Sografou and Xenofontos!).




Look at this picture, the building is about to fall down, but on the other hand you can see a water-heating system on the roof ! Does this mean the building is inhabited again ?

Wim, 13/5

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  1. Albocicade says:

    Thank you for those stamps : i needed a picture to present the greek text of a “kanon” to Nicephoros Phokas ; the first is exactly the right one !
    The doc is at :

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