797 – Ruins by different photographers

Restored ruin by Sapasc
Academy by Petrupaulpopa
Detail Academy by Nikos Grigoropoulos
Ruined chapel (left) Kavsokalivia unknown photographer.
Ruin arsanas Lavra by G.R Davis

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6 Responses to 797 – Ruins by different photographers

  1. Giorgos says:

    Another site worth mentioning is the official site of Pantokratoros. It is very well done, and in the library section of the greek version you can see scans of very old manuscripts.


  2. Dimitris says:

    Just an idea..

    Why don’t you do a ‘before restoration’/’after restoration’ entry in your blog? With all the restoration work going on in Athos, it should be easy to find ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for many specific buildings.

  3. herman says:

    Do you want a category Old an New (or Before and After)?
    We heave indeed many posts where we compare the recent situation with the old one.

  4. Robor says:

    athos.web-log.nl to GoogleReader!
    Thank you

  5. hv says:

    Robor, please be more specific about Google Reader. What do we, as webmasters, have to do?

  6. Bodyc says:

    athos.web-log.nl to GoogleReader!
    Have a nice day

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