795 – Skiti Magoula

While watching this video on You Tube I was surprized to see this large building (1.40 min.) , that I never saw before.
The pictures are of poor quality, but I could not find any others in my library or the internet.

According to this text about the life of St Gregory of Sinai the Skiti is now a ruin.
From Crete Saint Gregory moved on to Mount Athos, probably around 1300, when he would have been about 35. He did not enroll in one of the great ruling monasteries, but in a remote skete, named Magoula, the ruins of which can still be seen about a half-hour’s walk eastward from the modern ruling monastery, Philotheou. Not much is left of Magoula, but again the ruins bear powerfully upon any who are devoted to Saint Gregory.


The building is situated here:

Who knows more about this Skete ?
Wim, 10/5

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