792 – Karoulia: hole in the rock

Foto from The 6000 beards of Athos by Ralph H. Brewster, published in 1935.


Unknown photographer: the same spot as the black and white picture. Hermit dwellings.

Herman Voogd

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2 Responses to 792 – Karoulia: hole in the rock

  1. jovana says:

    Soprano singing monk in this video is father(archimandrite) Stefan-or papa Stephanos, how Greek used to call him.Serbian hermit who lived in Karoulia for years.His infantile voice speaks more than words about purity of his soul.

  2. Fremaki says:

    Hi Wim !

    I have good news: the path you were looking for is now perfectly open: with a group of friends we found it last year and made it easily walkable, avoiding the riverbed where it’s difficult and hazardous.
    I can tell you the monks neither believed their ears when we told them we would do it, nor did they believe their eyes when we did it, in two days !
    With the help of the monks (particularly Fr. Avgoustinos), we’ve also put signposts both ways.

    This year we went even further and re-opened the path towards Vatopedi, which is in fact the straight continuation of the upgoing path : THIS PATH IS NOT ON ZWERGER’s MAP !!!

    Our plan for next year is to re-open the second path from Konstamonitou to the ridgeway and Vatopedi, and to conduct a survey evaluating the required amount of work in order to clear the whole ridgeway both ways (Karyès and Esphigmenou).

    If someone feels like helping with this project, feel free to contact me.

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