737 – nr 24: Kellion St. Nicholas Dontas


Photo by Thedossios of Simonopetra 2002 exterior

The question is now; what is the location of this kellion? Which number on the list ( see nr. 736) is it? There are 9 posibilities. I do not have a clue. hv

See the reaction: this is number 24 Kellion Aghios Nikolaos Dontas.

Keliotes send me this bl/w picture of the kellion (18-3):

Wim, 17/3

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12 Responses to 737 – nr 24: Kellion St. Nicholas Dontas

  1. Wim says:

    This one must be nr 24: in the list the name was wrongly translated in English: it must be Aghios Nikolaou Dontas and not Ioannis Dontas. This kellion is two km from Dafni, towards the west, in the “Dontas Gully” – about 350 meters above sea level.

  2. Dragan Jemuovic says:

    This kellion is gift of serbian king Vukasin Mrnjavcevic to Monastiry Simona Petra.
    I live in Serbia and evry year I visit Agion Oros. I been in many kellion with pictures and position.
    I made a map of Agion Oros, in Arcview, with pictures and text.

  3. Wim says:

    Dear Dragan, can you share your Arcview Athos map with us ?
    Greetings, Wim

  4. Dragan says:

    Yes in JPEG format, but map is active, and if you use in dead JPEG format is very bad. How I can sent you picture and ask where is, if you know?

  5. Wim says:

    Dragan, I use the program Snapashot to publish pictures, but I do not know how to show this interactive Arcviewprogram on our weblog. I’ll try to find out.
    gr Wim

  6. dragan says:

    In september (from 10-25) I v been on Agion Oros. Maybe we can meet in!

  7. Wim says:

    Dragan, we will arrive in Ouranopolis in the afternoon of the 25 th. Give us your cellphone number by sendin an email (= mailformulier in Dutch), so we can make contact. Greetings, Wim

  8. wim says:

    Thanks Dragan, I wrote down your tel nr and removed it from this blog because of privacy reasons, oke ?
    I’ll try to call yot cell-phone in Ouranopolis on the 25th of september.
    Wim, 17/8

  9. Dragan says:


  10. dragan says:

    Have you heard of the cave on the east part of the border Ouranopolis-Arapis?

  11. Wim says:

    No, I do not know anything of this cave. Do you ?
    greetings, Wim

  12. dragan says:

    There is one ex meochi (Kumica) of Chilandariou. I have been in, but for cave only read.

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