716 – new Athos map 2007

This week I bought this map at my local travel and map bookstore “Pied a Terre“. After the one and only map of Zwerger (Wien, Austria), which I used on all my trips to Mount Athos, this map is surprizingly good and looks to be the alternative !


The maps is up to date and at least shows all the new roads. Ofcourse it would have been better to show all (old) paths, but we have to realize that most of these paths are disappearing and maybe gone forever…….. It is printed in fine colours and has a lot of practical information (telephone numbers!), but it also provides a list of all the 94 kellions on Athos, which I never saw before.

The map is published in Athens by Road Maps ISBN 978-960-8481-21-3.
Wim, 17-2 (next time more about this list with kellions)

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  1. Wim says:

    Another interesting article found on the internet: Doolaard, A. den “Athos: eiland van stilte” in: Katholieke Illustratie, 19 december 1959 (nr. 51), p. 43-47, met foto’s van Cas Oorthuys. Who has a copy ?

  2. Richard Storey says:

    I have used this map successfully for the last two pilgrimages to the Holy Mountain. It seems accurate, although a photo of Stavronikita is labelled as Vatopedi.

  3. Dimitris says:

    I give my thumbs up to this map as well. I have been using it as well and I never got lost once! I probably need to buy a new copy though, cause mine is getting rather worn out. The detailed height levels are of a particular help, because they give a fairly good idea about a footpath’s level of difficulty.

  4. Vasilis says:

    I bought the map last summer in Ouranoupoli. I also think, like Richard and Dimitris, that it is a very good map.

  5. Vasilis says:

    But it is remarkable that on this new map the summit of Agion Oros is on 2033 m. On its predecessor it is 2027 m.

  6. Sven H. Gullman says:

    The first book in Swedish about Mount Athos:
    Gullman, Sven H., Athos: det Heliga berget (Skelleftexe5, 2004). See my home page with information and pictures: http://svenhgullman.nu
    I write articles about the Serbian monastery Hilandar (Chilandaríou) in the Swedish-Serbian revue Diaspora. I have visited the Holy mountain 10 times from 1997.

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