696 – Karyes today, 3rd of februar 2009

From our ‘reporter’ on the Holy Mountain I got these pictures by mail. Thanks Giannis !

Fine picture of a cold Karyes / 3-2-2009

The library of the Holy Epistatia next to the Protaton and bell tower in the fog

Agiou Andreas

A sign near Karyes

I envy my collegue Greek blogger not having to work and visit Athos that often !
Wim, 3/2

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  1. Vasilis says:

    In the Greek edition of the newspaper Kathimerini from today you may read about an exhibition called Byzantine Empire and Athos. The 8th of April it opens in Paris (Petit Palais):
    and http://news.kathimerini.gr/4dcgi/_w_articles_civ_100051_03/02/2009_301902

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