694 – A trip to Athos (day 3 nr 11)

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After the service in the katholikon we had some time to have a look outside the monasterie walls.
The road that leads to Stavronikita with the aquaduct (photo from the outer wall)

Cypres Stavronikita

When you walk towards the harbour you wil pass the cemetary (also see an old picture at nr 176).
the monk Monachos Theodosius lived from the 18th of may 1929 to the 26th of june 2001 (72 years)

Beneath a little church you will find the bones and skulls of monks, who’s graves have been cleared.

From the cemetary you’ll have a beautiful view of the monastery:

And on your way back you will see the impressive entrance of the monastery, with a roof covered with wine ranks, where two monks are having a quiet chat.
After a delightfull evening with the Austrian pilgrims in the pretty guestroom,
where we shared whiskey and wine, we went to bed.
And this ends day 3, next day we had to focus ourselves to get back to the ‘normal’ world. But this day was one of the most remarkable days I ever spent on the Holy Mountain, one I’ll never forget.

That leaves us with the story of day 4, the road van Stavronikita to Karyes, and from Dafni to Ouranopolis.

Wim, 3/9

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  1. Ray says:

    I poses the full colection of the mont atos from Lyc Kogevinas,its his diploma and thos one looks prety moch the same style .If someone is interested let me know .

  2. Frederik Kusters says:


    I also have the same collection, may i ask you what you did with it.

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