689 – (a link to) Dochiariou


One of our readers gave me this tip: he made a beautiful site, with one subject: the monastery of Docheiariou, with a lot of good information and photos. Here two examples:



Another link:
Yet another link about Athos is this one (thanks Vasilis), but with a lot of advertising on it and some outdated links, but with two nice pictures of mr. Putin visiting Mt Athos.



(Interesting is the information about the amount of monks staying in monasteries, with the latest numbers of the year 2000. I wrote two letters to the officials in Greece to get the most recent information about how many monks live on Athos nowadays and how many visitors come every year (and from which country). Unfortunately they did not reply my letters …………………)


Wim, 27-1

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  1. Giorgos says:

    Another site worth mentioning is the official site of Pantokratoros. It is very well done, and in the library section of the greek version you can see scans of very old manuscripts.


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