679 – pictures of a Greek pilgrim nr 3

This time I continue showing the pictures of mr “fekgg”- who is he? (also see 672 and 674), and especially the ones of the last kellion shown in 674, very near Kavsokalivia.

First a picture of the ruin above the kellion.

and one of the gate to the kellion:

and an overall view of the kellion with the church on the right side near the tree:

and a picture of the roof of the church with a bell:

Inside the church, with a monk sitting down and a wooden icono- stasis.

Inside the church a fresco of a Saint, standing on a worrier or king, holding keys and a Turkish sword, with a pinned book (Bible?) on it, and a large dragon swallowing a crown (who helps me out?)

A fine picture of three other monks in the church.

a nis in the rock wall with an icon of Agios Akakios

A monk waving bye bye

Wim, 19/1

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3 Responses to 679 – pictures of a Greek pilgrim nr 3

  1. Bertinos says:

    The bookstore of “Agioritiki Estia” in Thes/niki announced that it has published (in Greek) the complete description and drawings of Mount Athos by Barskij. The book is produced together with the Benaki Museum. It also includes a short biography of Barskij and recent plans by the late P. Mylonas.
    Source: http://www.ecclesia.gr

  2. Dimitris says:

    A photo and review (in Greek) of the book that Bertinos mentioned, can be found here:


  3. Vasxedlis says:

    Speaking about books: Publisher Stamoulis published a new nice book (yes in Greek) with nice photographs: http://www.stamoulis.gr/ViewShopProduct.aspx?ProductId=400878 , title:
    ?????? ??????????? ???? ??????? ???????? (roughly: Initiation travel in de State of Athos), pp 284, Euro 24,90.

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