670 – Greek novel about Athos

Gianni Mari – Peripeteia sto Agion Oros

Does anyone know more about it ?

Wim, 12/1

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  1. Vasilis says:

    Giannis Maris (Yannis Maris)(1916-1979) was as far as I know a famous Greek writer of detectives (police novels). He introduced this form of literature in Greece during the fifties/sixties. ‘Adventure on the Agion Oros’ is not translated (like other novels), as far as I know.

  2. Dimitris says:

    Giannis Maris was a Greek novelist famous for his crime novels. He was a Greek Graham Green so to speak. He died in 1979. I don’t know when this particular book was published. Judging from a brief description I read, it is about a murder in a monastery. Basically, a pilgrim eavesdrops on a strange conversation in the next room, and the next morning one of the pilgrims is found dead. Typical whodunit kind of a story. I don’t know which is the monastery in question.

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