661 – National Geographic 1916 – 1

NG - detail frontpage 1916

I was lucky to find the september magazine from 1916 with 23 pictures of Athos and one map of Northern Greece (and one picture from Athens). The author W.G. Dwight did also take the pictures. They are black and white and not of very high quality.

NG - Karyes main street 1916Karyes – main street 1916

NG - fresco in a church in Kafsokalivia 1916Fresco showing the temptation of St. Anthony in a church at Kavsokalivia – 1916

NG - monks and layman Athos 1916
Monks and layman – Athos 1916

NG Lavra arsanasArsanas Lavra 1916

NG Simonopetra monastery's tower is perched on a cliff above the Aegean
Arsanas Simonopetra 1916

Next time more about Vatopedi.
Wim, 7/1

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