643 – River crab


Pierre Belon wrote Les Observations de plusieurs singularitez et choses mémorables, 1553; as Plurimarum Singularium et Memorabilium Rerum in Graecia, Asia, Aegypto, Iudaea, Arabia, aliisque exteris Provinciis ab ipso conspectarum Observationes, translated into Latin by Carolus Clusius, 1589.

I wonder if you can still find them.

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7 Responses to 643 – River crab

  1. I have it on top my entertainment center on a stand angled down at my couch. http://www.appetizer.co.za/

  2. Wim says:

    A delicious meal ! I tried the recepie today and the combination with cod and plums worked out fine ! I had patotoes with the dish. Drink a Chardonay or even a slightly sweet wine, because of the tast of the plums. Do not eat the meal to warm, the plums get very hot ! Enjoy !

  3. Lexie Thomas says:

    Regarding Father Epifanios – where can I purchase cookbook(s) by Father E?

    thank you

  4. Gheorghiu says:

    Regarding Father Epifanios – where can I purchase cookbook(s) by Father E?

    thank you

  5. Wim says:

    Here you can buy the Greek version of the book: http://www.perizitito.gr/product.php?productid=144472&page=2. But if you take some time: the book “Cooking on Mount Athos” soon will be published in English and Russian (see the Kelliotis-blog: http://agioritikesmnimes.pblogs.gr/2010/07/649718.html).

  6. Vasxedlis says:

    The English translation is now available: I did see the book last week in Dafni and Ouranoupoli. See also http://www.mywines.gr/default.aspx?catID=130

  7. Licinia says:

    It is now available in English but it should be on Amazon.

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