642 – book from Dölger / renovation of the Protaton

Last week we bought the book of Dölger from 1942 (gift from Sinterklaas). We will show you pictures in the coming months, but I’ll start with most remarkable photo of the Protaton church in Karyes.
I always wondered when the Protaton was renovated the last time and who plastered this church with the extreme ugly grey concrete-like layer. This picture might give the answer, because you see the church in its original form with a surface of stones. They must have covered these stones afterwards, because the church looks like this in 1980/1997, with a remnant of the old coating:

And on the other side of the building you can see the original stones that were used to build the walls, just as in the first picture from 1942.


I can’t wait to see the Protaton in its full glory again and without the ugly roof over it.

By the way: another nice example of renovation work is send to us by Vasilis. Here you see how an arch is renovated in the exonarthex of Stavronikita and how it looked in 1995:


and in 2002:

Wim (who has some problems with a crahed laptop and who can’t post that much stories and pictures, sorry for that !), 11-12

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