640 – Simonos Petras by ConstantineD


Nice set on Flickr.

Early 19th century?

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  1. Vasilis says:

    In Kariés, Dafni and Ouranoúpoli I saw the book this summer in the shops.

  2. Vasilis says:

    Keliotes has a nice blog, in Greek and with nice pictures. It is called Αγιορειτικές Μνήμες (Memories):
    For instance, now he looks back at the fire in I.M. Símonos Pétras, which started during the night of 11th/12th December 1581.

  3. Herman Voogd says:

    Lexie, see nr. 531 of this blog in categorie Food where you find a link to the cookbook

  4. Licinia says:

    It is now out in English!

  5. art says:

    bought it in English for 30 x80 in Ouranopolis last week.

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