636 – pictures of Cas Oorthuys from 1957

Whenever I visit my local Greek traiteur Romios in Amsterdam (the best in town!), I envy the owners, because they posess three big black/white pictures made by one of the most famous Dutch photographers, Cas Oorthuys. I found out that he traveled through Greece in 1959 (edit May 2018: 1957), together with the Dutch writer A. den Doolaard. Just before they left for Holland they payed a visit to the Holy Mountain and he took hundreds of pictures. The problem is that they are lying in the archive of the Dutch Photo Museum in Rotterdam and no one ever saw them. Yes, with a lot of time (and money) you can dive into these archives (for me not possible). That’s why I was very happy to buy the Dutch magazine “Katholieke Illustratie” from december 1959 (nrs 50 and 51), where a few of these pictures were published. Later I will tell more about it, but I’ll start with these photographs:
IMG_0356.JPGCas Oorthuys – a monk welcomes the pigrims on a boat Ag. Spirydon – 1957

IMG_0361Cas Oorthuys – A new pier is being built at Rossikon ? – 1957 (edit May 2018: the pier is at Vatopedi monastery)

IMG_0363Cas Oorthuys – Monks eating in the refectory – trapeza of Panteleimonos (edit May 2018)

19panteleimon refter

Compare this refectory with the above. The massive colums looks the same. Photo taken in 2013 Panteleimonos by hv

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  1. athosweblog says:

    I think the refectory is in Panteleimonos monastery. Watch the massive columns.

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