624 – more Athos pictures from Belgium

In post 602 I promised to show some more pictures taken by the Belgium visitor of our weblog, Jan Kant, who visited Athos in april 2007 together with his uncle Steffen, who went to Athos already 13 times!

nr 1 refectory of Xenophontos

nr 2 procession at the Easter celebrations april 2007 in Xenophontos: Jan says he was not able to keep up until the end of the service, early in the morning (when the monks greet you with: Christos Anesti !)

nr 3 icon of St. John the Forerunner from the hall in the building of the Holy Epistatia in Karyes (Hiera Koinotis)

nr 4 modern fresco’s in Koutloumousiou

nr 5 birthday celebrations of Jan in Karyes with father Anastasios, who baked a cake.

nr 6 a cave of the founder of Simonopetra, with an icon of him handing over the monastery to the monks

nr 7 ossuarium of Grigoriou

nr 8 guestroom at Grigoriou

nr 9 guestroom at Jovanitsa with father Panteleimon from Germany, together with a German and Indian priest.

nr 10 is easy: The sun going down over Kassandra – april 2007.
Jan already helped me out, thanks, only a few questions remain !

Wim, 18/11

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  1. George says:

    Hi Wim, I can confirm that these bells were removed from the enormous bell tower at the entrance of the sketes main church of St. Andrew. (definately not from the deserted Ukraine building near Skiti Provata)I remember ringing these bells on St. Andrews day in 1993 or 1994 with some co-students whilst we were studying at the Athonias Academy. At this time the bells were still hanging in the bell tower. In particular the large bell created a deep thunderous sound which we were later informed was heard clearly at the Skete of Prophet Ilias near Pantocratoros Monastery. The staircase leading up to the clock and bells is very narrow and winding. Its a beautiful church and skete, I cannot wait untill it is returned to its former glory.


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