623 – the Molyvokklisia kellion near Karyes – I

On a path from Karyes to Vatopedi you can find an old kellion with beautiful fresco’s.


The path between Morouda and Molyvokklisia, two weeks ago

Map of this area near Karyes (from Zwerger)

Our Greek friend Giannis from this site has more about this kellion in Greek. He visited the kellion at the beginning of this month and writes us:

I visited the cell Molyvokklisia and took some foto’s. The Elder Chrysostomos, who lives there, is alone and doesn’t want visitors. 11
The Elder Chrysostomos

Giannis continues: The monk Chrysostomos is 76 years old. He is in Agion Oros since 1952 and in the year 1974 he came to the cell Molyvokklisia. For many years he was in the choral of the Protaton. Today he teaches Byzantine music to monk Efrem from the cell Marouda. 18
Father Efrem and Chrysostomos

The kellion belongs to Chilandariou and was founded by Makarios and Dimitrios, who came from Janjevo of Kosovo, as an inscription above a door says in the Serbian language.
The serbian text above the door to the church

Giannis: The church was built in 1536 and the icons were made in 1541. Today the situation is very bad. 00



The name of the kellion is derived of the original roof that was made of led. The Russians renovated the buildings in 1801 and nowadys they have a red tile-roof.
Father Efrem at the frontdoor – november 2008

More pictures next time.
Wim, 17/11

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  1. nazar says:

    very nice pictures 🙂
    may be You have took pictures of Akathistos in Molyvoklisia? Can you please post them.

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