622 – dutch magazine 1963/64/65 ?

This article was published in the beginning of the sixties. The unknown author compares Athos with Tibet and is surprized how few people in Western Europe knew of the existance of this monk-republic.
The most interesting is that he tells a story of British and New Sealand soldiers who deserted (!) during the second world war and hid themselves in monastaries dressed as monks. A German soldier did the same and the writer tells that the deserters of both sides lived together in peace in one monastery!!



Thanks to (the father of) Vasilis.
Wim, 15/11

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4 Responses to 622 – dutch magazine 1963/64/65 ?

  1. Josxe9 says:

    Dear friends,
    I always enjoy your post about the trip to Athos!
    I will arrive in Athos on 18th July (Saturday) and my itinerary will be:
    18/07 Daphni-Kayres-Iviron-Lavra
    19/07 Lavra-Skiti St Anne
    20/07 Skiti St Anne – Simonopetra or Dionisius
    21/07 Daphni – Ouranopolis

    And I have many doubts about the trip, for example:
    1)the boat timetable between Iviron-Lavra
    2)The boat timetable Daphni-Ouranopolis
    3)Is estrictly necessary to book in the monasteries where I will stay to sleep?
    4)can I go into a monastery during the day only to see some places and later continue my walk to another monastery?
    Kind regards
    José From Argentina

  2. herman Voogd says:

    1. I doubt there is a regular time table for the boat on that side of the peninsula. You can always take a taxi.
    2. The boat back is in the morning. You can take the boat in Simonos Petras or Dionysiou to Daphni. There the boat to Ouranoupolis is waiting. Leaving at 11.00 or 12.00 o clock.
    3. Skiti Anni you have to book in advance. If its full you walk another hour to Paulou. At Paulou they have large guestchambers. Try to make reservations. You can ask your hotelmanager in Ouranoupolis to do it for you but that can be already to late.
    3.Of course you can vistit the other monasteries and ask for water and coffee but sometimes they are all sleeping

  3. Josxe9 says:

    Hello Herman,
    Thank you for your help!
    I didxb4nt know there are taxis in Iviron-Lavra!
    Whatxb4s our opinion Zeusxb4hotel in Ouranopolis?

  4. herman says:

    The taxi starts in Karyes leaving for Lavra. But he will stop at Iviron. You can ask the driver to come back when you are done seeing Iviron and take you to Lavra.

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