618 – Fire at Petrovouno

This fire in Kassander was spotted by the satellite. This is not a recent picture. But the following happened two days ago. Where is Petrovouno?

Mountain fire
A fire that broke out late on Monday 10 th november 2008 in the area of Petrovouno on Mount Athos razed around 25 hectares of forestland but did not threaten any monasteries, according to the local fire service, which had contained the blaze by early yesterday. Some 80 firemen were used in the effort to douse the blaze. The fire service remained on standby late yesterday.
News by Ekathimerini.
Thanks to Dimitris: The location of Petrovouni.
hv (also see Cape Arapis). wv
Thank to Giannis Kontsiotis we got this recent picture of fire aircraft seen from Ouranopolis, flying towards the Petrovouno fire on the 10th of november;

Wim, 13/11

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  1. Dimitris says:

    Petrovouni is the tip of the pointy peninsula opposite Nea Roda & Ierissos. Just next to the Mount Athos border.

  2. Wim says:

    Recent picture added 13/11 !

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