609 – Polykleitos Regos 1903 – 1984

The artist Polykleitos Regos on Athos. Photo by Athos Memory. Here is some of his work.

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3 Responses to 609 – Polykleitos Regos 1903 – 1984

  1. Hajar Mulder says:

    Mijn felicitaties met zo’n mijlpaal. Athos spreekt mij enorm tot de verbeelding, het is ook een plek die een publiek uit de hele wereld trekt, vandaar de enorme omvang van de kloosters. Ik vind dat u een prachtige indruk weet neer te zetten met dit log.

  2. bob says:

    I love your pictures & history. I was lucky to see it Athos in 1992. I recall seeing lots of ruins off in the trees, and always wondered what their history must be. At last, people enthuusiastic enough to have the same curiosity! Thanks very much. Keep going, the more esoteric the better! So many times one reads a small account, like “There used to be a monastery called Old Russikon” and that’s all there is’ what happenned to it?? You are filling in the gaps.

  3. Athanasios Tsiakopoulos says:

    I am delighted to see this web-site. I found it by accident when I was surfing the web. I am familiar with Agio Oros very much, considering I am a theologian and Iconographer of the Byzantine Orthodox religion. I wish you both very much success in your lives and your endeavors. I will visit again soon to share my experiences of this Holy and historical place.
    Respectfully yours Athanasios.

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