600 – Petr Sevastianov

Petr Ivanovich Sevastianov, the known Russian 19 th century art collector, focused his interests, among other things, to the localization, the documentation and the representation of sites and monuments of Holy Mt Athos, during his well organized campaigns. Between 1850-60, he made four preparative travels in Athos Peninsula and in 1859 he came back, accompanied by Russians, French, Bulgarians and Greek associates, in order to spot, record, identify, depict and survey places, monuments, images, frescos, manuscripts, documents and other valuable and scientifically interesting objects.The Sevastianov group, in a time period of only two years (1859-60), managed to put together a vast number of copies and photographs from the objects, such as architectural and other plans of the monasteries. Its work was one of the biggest efforts for collecting, copying and documenting religious art objects. This collection was in the following years spread in various museums and collections in Russia.


His maps were well drawn and also very accurate .

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