575 – WW II and Athos part two

Here are two pictures:



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1 Response to 575 – WW II and Athos part two

  1. Arvid Nybroten says:

    I have looked at the book a number of times, but have never read it in its entirety. Although I have never been to Mount Athos, one of my professors was a novice at Simonpetra and speaks highly of the spiritual witness of his late abbot and spiritual father. From this and other considerations I suspect that in many ways Choukas’s book is probably a dated portrayal of monastic life on Mount Athos. After all, vistitors to Mount Athos are much more common than they were in the 1970’s and a number of the monks and monasteries of the Holy Mountain now have websites. So I don’t think it fair to regard Mt. Athos simply as a final refuge for those men who can not fit or function in the modern world.

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