572 – Unknown Athos: Cape Arapis

Next time I will visit the Holy Mountain one of my aims is to take the boat on the east-side back to Ierissos and cross Cape Arapis.
Cape Arapis from the (old) map of Reinhold Zwerger 1980- Wien

If you look at the latest version of Google Earth the place doesn’t look totally deserted: many roads are to be seen, part of the land is used and you can even discover a few houses(?) (- at least Turkikon Fylakion?) :

And if you look closer you’ll see open spaces: fields for agricultural use or just places where the forrest is cut down ?

These pictures are taken from the air:


and on Panaramio you will only find three detailed pictures from the shore, from which this the best, with horses walking free:

I do not know who owns the land and what happens there, let alone that I never heard anyone going there. Are there any monks out there living in kellia or only labourers ?

006 Ieriessos - de grens naar Athos

The Athos-border that is seldom visited, on the other side of the peninsula, with Cape Arapis on the left – 1986

Arapis and border
Wim Voogd, 24/9

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