565 – A trip to Athos (day 3 nr 7)

The friendly monk Filimon gave us a clear explanation about the track we had to follow along the old path, which led us to Pantocratoros. By showing a picture from Prof. Eliou, taken from the Pantocratoros monastery, you can see through waht kind of landscape this path goes.

Sometimes it looks as if you walk through a tunnel of trees and bushes:

and than you a brook flowing along the path, in a quiet and fairy-tale like atmosphere.

and not far from Pantocratoros I found the ruins of this old water-mill. Is this the one mentioned in the book “The Russians on Athos”, where you read the story that Pantocratoros allowed the Skiti of Prof. Eliou to build their own watermill ?

inside the ruined building you could find the remnants of old furniture and a mill-stone:

and on the outside a cracked balcony:

and soon after you reach cultivated soil again and the first buildings of Pantocratoros show up:

and you will see the well-known bridge near the monastery:

and soon after you will see the harbour/ arsanas of Pantocratoros:

This time I finish with a black and white picture with laundry (of a monk?), hanging between two buildings.

Wim Voogd, 22/9

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