550 – Again trouble at Esfigmenou

Photo of the rebelious monstery by wv, 1997.
It appears that they are taken their slogan Orthodoxie or Death, which you see here written on the wall on a black banner, very serious.

Conflict between Greek monks flares up
Published: Sunday 31 August 2008 15:22 UTC

A conflict between a groups of monks has flared up on the holy mountain of Athos in Greece, following years of dispute. A group of extremely orthodox monks is threatening to blow itself up according to the Greek media.

The group has isolated itself from the 19 other monasteries on Athos because it fiercely opposes dialogue with the Roman Catholic church. The other groups of monks think they should leave the mountain because of this. But the extremist monks say they will blow their monastery up with dynamite, petrol and gas bottles if they have to. There were skirmishes on Sunday, when another group of monks tried to enter the rebel monastery.

There were similar incidents 18 months ago on the eastern peninsula of Chalkidiki, in which seven monks were seriously injured.
source Radio wereldomroep

This is what happened:
Police yesterday freed the abbot of the Esphigmenou Monastery on Mount Athos and three other monks who had been trapped in a car by a group of 20 rebel monks who refuse to accept the authority of Archimandrite Chryosostomos Katsoulieris. The monks had been prevented from leaving the monastery for several hours, police said.

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