533 – Glass plate images of pilgrims





These images of laymen can be found om the Athos Memory site . This site is financed by the European Community but it is a pity that they apparrently are not active anymore.
I think the images are made at the beginning of the 20th century. Some of them are made in the photo studio of the Russian Skete Ag. Andreou in Karyes. Watch the (beardless) children on the pictures, the friendships and the (hand)game that they are playing.

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  1. Josxe9 says:

    The correct links are:
    book of Curzon
    Article of Guardian

  2. evlogeite!


    Our holy fathers, holy monks (et cetera) of all times, carefully guarded themselves from acquaintance with the opposite sex. Women were forbidden to enter men’s monasteries. This good and holy custom is maintained even now on the whole of Mount Athos. Monks who lived a especially attentive life guarded themselves with special care against acquaintance and meetings with women. This may be seen from the lives of Saints such as Arsenios the Great, Sisoes the Great, John the Silent and other fathers of the most sublime holiness. They acted ill this way not merely from self-will or personal choice, but because they discovered it was essential according to the guidance, which they read clearly as in a mirror in their attentive life. ( James 1: 22-27.)

    Some monks (et cetera) say that, though they are often in the company of women, they feel no harm. We should not believe those monks (et cetera). Either they are not speaking the truth and are hiding their spiritual disorder, or they are leading a most inattentive and listless life and so cannot see their own state; or else the devil is robbing them by dulling their understanding and sense of harm, so as to make their monastic life fruitless and prepare them for eternal perdition.

    read whole text here: https://diakrisislogismon.wordpress.com/2008/09/19/avoiding-acquaintance/

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