527 – Ruins by Theologos Tats

1988 Ruin in Vatopedi garden
2007 Ruin of fishermen’s house north east coast
1987 The same ruin 20 years earlier!
The stunning photo collection of Theologos Tats is a result of many visits to Athos in different seasons. Take f.i. winter.

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  1. Vasilis says:

    About food: I read in the Athens News Agency (04/05/2008): Mt. Athos monastery recipes

    The cooking style of the Mt Athos monastic community in Halkidiki, northern Greece, is a model of healthy diet at a time when more and more Greeks are turning to fast-food.

    The secrets of monastery cuisine are unveiled in the cookbook “The Cooking of Mt Athos” written by Mt Athos monk Epiphanios Mylopotaminos.

    It includes roughly 130 recipes for fish, seafood, and ladera (vegetable, legume (pulses), and other non-meat dishes cooked with olive oil). Monk Epiphanios cooks in the fireplace or a wood stove, and uses only olive oil and no preservatives.

    In his book presentation held in Thessaloniki, he said that it is important to take the time to gather the ingredients needed and cook, stressing that love for the people we are cooking for is a basic element for tasty cooking.

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