519 – art: Vasili Nesterenko.

An Elder from Mount Athos. Oil canvas 150 x 110 cm 1998 /.
Morning, oil canvas, 150×150 cm 1999 (in the background Panteleimonos)
Sk. Anni, oil canvas, 100×130 cm 1997
Russian cell, oil canvas, 145×175 cm 1997 (I do not recognize this kellion, Old Roussikon perhaps? Yes it is, wv)
More on this Russian artist here.

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  1. Georgy says:

    Hi. I’m Russian and accidentaly saw this page. Here’s a rough translation (words wich I did not understand marke with [?]).

    afbeelding_17 says:
    “The view from Mount Athos”

    afbeelding_18 says:
    “The view from Mount Athos”
    5 January 1903
    The most honestly Father Terentius
    Save yourself!
    Peace to you! Your letter of 16 December 1902 had been received by us and we understood what’s happening.
    We’re thankful that you’re taking care of the monastery and that you took […]

    afbeelding_18 says:
    […]cattle and goats. I’m asking you to, please, protect them from cold. They’re not afraid of it, but protect them from snow. It’s the enemy of millions. We received [?].
    Cut the cabbage which hasn’t been cut, and salt it. Father Saphronius is in Constantinople asking for [?], so he can transfer it to the name of the monastery […]

    afbeelding_21 says:
    […]Costa and Anonym are going tomorrow to the same place taking with them [?] and documents of Chiflik(?). God give and everything will be sorted and fií.
    If anything else, you [?], write directly to Father Sophnius in [?] town church.
    I heard that Canali[?] established the borders, is that true? And in Saliak-der [?][?] and [?] something? Write to us in detail.
    Always yours, praying Yeremo Doro[?]
    Congratulating you with New Year. God give that everything will be good.

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