512 – pictures from Filotheou 1989

When I looked in my photo archive I found these pictures of Filotheou. We did not pay a lot of attention to this monastery on our web-log until now.
At that time we knew that the monastery was one the most serious and most “orthodox” of them all and it attracted a lot new and young monks, from all over the world. We had a lot of good conversations with these monks (also in English and German) about religious subjects and life outside Athos. If want be be converted into an orthodox believer, go to this monastery (but don’t expect to be able to visit a service in church if you have the “wrong” religion or even eat with the monks………). Question: Is this the best way to win a soul ?
The gate to the monastery Filotheou – 1989

Courtyard of Filotheou – 1989

plan of Filotheou: thanks to Eric Feigl – Athos: Vorhoelle des Paradis
1. entrance
2. guestroom (Archondarikon)
3. Katholikon
4. Trapeza (refectorium)
5. Phiale

A. Raffion (tailoring)
B. Cells of monks
C. Old library and treasury
D. Iatron (docters room)
E. Prosforion and Furnos (backery)
F. Cells of monks
G. Maghirion (kitchen)
H. Chapel ag. Nikolaos
J. Vainario (wine cellar)
K. Ag. Joanis Chrystosomos
L. New Library
M. Igumenion (abbey)
N. Chapel of the Five Martyrs
P. Genesis tou Prodromou
Q. Ton Archangelon (Chapel of the Archangels)

Sunset at Filotheou with oillamp – 1989

The Semantron with hammer and a lonely flower – 1989

The a-typical shape of the Filotheaou katholikon: here you see a tower above the entrance/exo-narthex – 1989

Beautifull blue colours in fresco’s from the exo-narthex of Philoutheou – 1989

Phiale of Filotheou – 1989

Resting, studying and smoking outside the monastery on a stone bench with a watertap – Filotheou 1989

Wim, 30/6

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1 Response to 512 – pictures from Filotheou 1989

  1. Kiriakos says:

    No it is not the best way to win a soul!My opinion is to keep our sensitivity and humanity in our days we live and god knows his ways for its one’s path of life,even if his orthdox,catholic,protestant,muslim,,atheist,induist etc.
    I just saw the beautiful foto of starets tikhon (and maked my day 🙂 ) in another blog and mentioned yours blog for the source.
    Nice job!Keep on!


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