506 – more about the book of Brewster

In 1999 the book of Brewster was republished by Clocktower Paperbacks (ISBN 0 8 5955 251 9).
Front of the book from 1999

He visited the Holy Mountain in the thirties of the last century, together with Iorgos, his Greek friend who translated for him and helped him with his luguage and photo equipment.
“Students at the Hierarchical College at Karyes”

Brewster thought it was important to add this appendix about the quality of the food, how clean the toilets and rooms were, and how many bugs you could find (millions!), as a warning to new visitors !

A lot has changed in the past years, but I remember a visit to Sografou in 1980, were the wooden toilet still was attached to the wall outside the monastery and were you could look down through a hole to the rocks some 30 meters below !

“Russian monk fishing for his supper”: it looks like he fishing in a lake and not in the sea (maybe the lake near the old Russian monastery ?)

Brewster had some interesting information about women on Mount Athos (M. Choisy and Miss Europe 1930: Aliki Diplarakou), that recently (1920/30?) had occured:


Wim, 13/6

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