483 – Esfigmenou



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  1. herman says:

    Deze bijdrage zou ik categoriseren in de rubriek Walking. Wat vind je van mijn categorietjes?

  2. fay says:

    Athos intereseert me echt helemaal niks,
    want ik mag er toch niet komen.
    Maar ik vind het wel een mooie weblog.

  3. Wim says:

    bedankt en prima die indeling (ik vergeet het nog te gebruiken).


  4. herman says:

    Jose, you need the map from Zwerger. You can order it here: Reinhold Zwerger, A-1020 Wien, Wohlmutstrasse 8, Austria. Good luck!

  5. Wim says:

    I bought this map at Pied a Terre in Amsterdam. Website: http://www.jvw.nl/
    gr Wim

  6. Vasilis says:

    Speaking about Reinhold Zwerger: his book Wege am Athos (2005,a lot of interesting texts, no photographs) fails on the list of books. Im I right?

  7. Josxe9 says:

    Any have you got any foot or hiking map (elementary at least) than can send me via email? Until that I order, because I from Argentina and the orders always late 2 months or more. Thanks a lot for yours answer. José

  8. herman says:

    Dear Jose,
    We do not provide digital maps. You have to order it and even if it takes 2 months it will be on time if you are planning your visit in 2009 as you told us before. Good luck.

  9. Josxe9 says:

    Yes is true, but I am reading The Station (Byron) and now the Travellers are in Kerasia. And I canxb4t find it. I only want to follow the book with and elementary map. In any map I canxb4t find places like: Kerasia, The church of Transfiguration, The Panagia, or the skiti of St. Anne.
    Sorry if I ask some irregular.
    PD: Thanks for the post about the map. I will order now.

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