456 – A trip to Athos in 2007 (day 2 – nr 2)

Google Earth – The blue spot left (in the clouds) is Kavsokalivia. Karavostasi is in the middle and Lavra on the right.

Detail of the Zwerger – map (buy this map, see elsewhere on this blog)

The road goes to Lavra and we start our trip looking back at the settlement of Kavsokalivia. Early in the morning it looks like a place from a fairy tale or fantasy movie (pay attention at the two monks on the veranda!).
This picture is taken near Ag. Nilos:
First I could not understand the meaning of the text on this sign: I.(era) Proskynima, but with the help of Vasilis I now know that it means “the Holy place where pilgrims go to”, in other words, going to Ag. Nilou.
From Ag. Nilos a small path goes down to these houses on a cliff near the sea. We are now at the beginning of the Karavostasi, the enormous slope full of debris.
The view of the abyss is breathtaking…….. Agios Nilos – 2007
And then there is the Karavostasi, the place where a large avalanche came down in 1905. When you cross the area, you feel very fragile and small. Just for the fun I pushed a small rock down, but too my dismay the stones where so instable, that they started gliding down again ! I will not try this another time!
Above you you’ll see Dendrogalia: just imagine what will happen when these stones start gliding from that distance ! It is rather difficult to make a good picture and to express your feelings in a picture when you walk at that place. I know one thing for sure, my pictures aren’t good enough to give you a right impression!
On this picture there are some bushes, but they the only ones around on this huge pile of rubble and rocks.
The path is not more than a line of light colored rocks and the most instable parts are strengthened with iron poles.
Not far from the slope of Karavostasi the lower and upper path unite and short after you will see Skiti Prodromou.
And then the turn the Skiti comes:
From Kavsokavilia it has been a walk for 2,5 hours (445 m.):
The old path is covered with loose stones and at some moment you will pass the road to Prodromou. And short after you will see Lavra:
And when you arrive in Lavra you will get the traditional welcome with coffee, loukoumi and raki (for a better picture see 100)
in the guesthouse of Lavra.
WV, 24/4

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