452 – A trip to Athos in 2007 (day 2 – nr 1)

195 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia
Sleeping quarters at Kavsokalivia – 2/5/2007
After a quiet night and a good sleep we woke up at 8. Before we reached the kitchen all visitors had already left and we were to late for breakfast. Hmmpf, ok, we brought our own healthy mussli-bars and ate some of them.
Before we left for Lavra we took some time to shoot pictures in the surroundings of the guesthouse and the church.
187 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia.JPG
The entrance to the guesthouse/church, with the kitchen on your right – Kavsokalivia – 2/5/2007

188 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia.JPG
The bell-tower at Kavsokalivia – 2/5/2007

189 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia
The Church at Kavsokalivia – 2/5/2007

191 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia
The renovated guesthouse of Kavsokalivia (backside) – 2/5/2007

190 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia
A house with chapel Kavsokalivia – 2/5/2007

192 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia
Detail of previous house – Kavsokalivia 2/5/2007

194 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia.JPG
View in the direction Lavra – Kavsokalivia 2/5/2007

196 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia
View in the other direction – Kavsokalivia 2/5/2007

197 Athos 2007 Kavsokalivia
A last panorama of Kavsokalivia 2/5/2007

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3 Responses to 452 – A trip to Athos in 2007 (day 2 – nr 1)

  1. Emil says:

    Hello again,
    this time I tried to call at Kavsokalyvia for reservations and the monk told me in a poor English that he will not be there in the date when I plan to arrive. It will be another monk… so he couldn’t help me… Do you have any experiences with the guestmasters from Kavsokalyvia? I suspect that there are 2 or more guestmasters that perform their duties on a weekly timetable or so and you really need to have enough luck to call when the right one is on his duty…
    If you have any information on this, please let me know…

    Many thanks!

  2. athosweblog says:

    Luck is very important thing, every time you would like to make a reservation on Athos. Hope that the right person picks up the phone: the best thing is to try as much as possible, I do not have other recommendations, sorry!

  3. Vasílis says:

    I was told I only could make a reservation within 40 days of my (planned) arrival.

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