431 – A trip to Athos in 2007 (day 1 – nr 4)

01-05-2007: From the quay of Ag. Annis a beautifull path starts :


Because of all the mules and the smell of their faeces this path reminded me of a trip on the island of Santorini in 1977, where a path starts at sealevel and winds up along the crater of the old vulcano. We were followed by a couple of monk(?)-pilgrims, who took us over at this place with a well, where we paused for a while and drank fresh water.

The well on the path to Skiti Annis – 2007

After half an hour you will see Skiti Annis.


You will find these signs at the spot where you have to choose between two paths to Kavsokalivia, eather high up the hills or the lower path. For me the choise was obvious, because I never walked the lower trail before. This path brings you to Katounakia, Karoulia en Ag. Basilios.


And because I have the watch which shows the altitude (270 m.), I can’t withhold this information at the junction between the two paths (time: 14.40 h. and 21.4 degrees Celsius).


From then on we walked along a magnificant trail along the coast, now and than passing a fiercefull abyss (with a fence lying flat on the floor………….).

Steap abyss just before Karoulia – 2007

This cross is, in spite of its age, still standing.


And just before we rounded the corner to walk further to Katounakia, we could look back once more and see the NW-coast for the last time (with Skiti Annis and Nea Skiti).


more next time, Wim Voogd, 08/4/08

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