430 – John Prodromou (The Forerunner or Baptist)

Manuel Panselinos, ca. 1300, fresco Protaton Karyes.
Unknown contemporary artist, fresco, Simonos Petras. Photo by Theotokis of Simonopetra, 2003.

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2 Responses to 430 – John Prodromou (The Forerunner or Baptist)

  1. Wim says:

    But if he didn’t accept this “gift”, the book would have been burnt at he end of the 19th century when Pavlou burnt to the ground…….


  2. herman says:

    Close reading indeed, but if I was a monk in Paulou I rather had it burned in the fire then far away in an english museum knowing then it was purchased in a wrong way. And…This was not the only manuscript Curzon got. In almost every monastery he “bought” these valuable mansuscript cheap.

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