426 – A trip to Athos in 2007 (day 1 – nr 3)

Last time I showed you some boring pictures that can be seen on almost any site about Athos, because everybody can take this trip in a touristboat from Ouranopolis and shoot these images (even women !).
The reason is that I wanted to show a complete image of all important buildings along the coast. After Ag. Paulou there are no monasteries to be seen, just individual houses/farms (kelia) and Skitis.
Detail of the map of Zwerger – buy or order this map at your local bookstore (I bought it here), it’s the best map there is !

We begin with a tiny house just after we left Paulou. It seems to be stuffed inside a cave……(?).

Obvious is that the coast gets more and more rough and rocky, as you get closer to the peak.


And than, suddenly, this small sedlement called Nea Skiti emerges (also named Skiti Theotokou).



This is a scanned picture from 1986, taken above from Skiti Agiou Anna, with a panorama of the coast where we just have been sailing.
Nea Skiti – 1986

and on the quay some mules and waiting monks.


And when the boat passes Nea Skiti, it looks like this.



Just before Skiti Anna you will see a couple of houses.


and than Skiti Anna comes in sight:



and the last picture of the boattrip is the boat “Agia Anna” itself arriving in Skiti Anna with – again – mules on the quay.

The quay of Skiti Anna – 2007

After Skiti Anna there are two small sedlements left to be seen, but the boat did not go any futher, so I can’t show you pictures of Mikra Ag. Annis and Skiti Karoulia.
To give you an idea were we have been sailing and the distances I’ll show you this picture, taken from Sithonia in 1989.

Wim Voogd

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    hello, am not sure where to address my question as the site is in dutch. I am trying to find information on women that have gottenn into Mt. Athos as am doing a piece on women and christianity.

    would appreciate any assistance in this matter! thanking you in advance, vicky valanos

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