421 – A trip to Athos in 2007 (day 1)

On the 31th of may 2007 I started writing about our last trip to Mount Athos (from the first to the fourth of may). At that time we did not write our weblog in the English language, and because not many people understand Dutch, I was asked to publish the story of our trip with my own pictures again. So enjoy this story, which I will publish the coming weeks.
And then, finally the moment was there: all papers were taken care of, all bag-backs were packed (with as less baggage as possible) and the reservation for the boat was arranged. If you believe recent messages, this reservation is obligatory nowadays. If you call 00 30 2377021041 – as I did two months before our trip – they will give you two reservation numbers. One for the departure at 9.45 p.m. and the second for your return on the morning of your 4thday (12.10 h.). As expected, the man behind the counter did not know what I was talking about when I gave him their reservation number, and four days later there not a change that anybody was interested in any number what so ever! I was told that European laws prescribe these reservation rules, but I don’t think these rules apply to any visitors of non-EU nations, so forget about a reservation, the boat is big enough. Just buy the ticket and enter the boat (the fare is 2 x € 5,00 for each boat trip).
Office of the shipping company – Ouranopolis 2007
The boat to Athos- Axion Estin – Ouranopolis 2007
Monks on their way to the boat – Ouranopolis 2007
From the moment you set foot on the boat the journey really begins. No women are allowed and you can feel that everybody on board is a little excited, at least I was. Although it was my 5th trip along the coast of the peninsula, it still is a pleasure to see all the buildings along the coast and in 2007, all the building activities. The following pictures show you how many cranes were busy reconstructing old buildings. This is by the way the same view the passengers (I mean women) of the tourist boats get, when they book a Athos-tour, that is to say, a little futher out at sea.
Thibais – once deserted Russian houses, nowadays inhabited agian – 2007
Megali Jovantsa (the harbour of Chilandariou) – 2007
Arsanas Sografou (with the first crane!) – 2007
Docheiarou (with the second) – 2007

Xenofontos (crane nr 3) – 2007
Panteleimonos – 2007
Xiropotamou – 2007
And then you arrive at the port of Dafni. We split the travel companions of 7 persons up in three groups, because we had different goals. Traveling in a small group also gives you a bigger change of getting an assessment to certain places, at least, that is what you hope.
Dafni – 2007

Dafni, the Cafenion – 2007
Dafni, the shop – 2007
Wim, 31-3

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