400 – Path from Sk. Anna to Lavra

This is the path from Skiti Ag. Anni to Lavra. The route you see here goes first to Katounakia but is it also possible to start climbing at Skiti Anni and skip Katounakia. This is the shortest option.

Schermafbeelding 2013-06-11 om 19.23.02sign

Schermafbeelding 2013-06-11 om 19.23.40Skiti Anna

Schermafbeelding 2013-06-11 om 19.24.17 Stavros where you can go to the top or walk on the 700 meter line to Lavra.
If you take a close look you see here the point where the path to Lavra takes a left turn. From this point it will take ca. one hour to reach the oldest monastery of the mountain. The zig zag path goes to Sk. Prodromou.
This is the point where you take a left turn to Lavra. It is also possible to visit or stay in Sk. Prodromou. Then you follow the sign on the photo.
The same spot but now with the red sign to Lavra.
But before start walking again enjoy the great view on Sk. Prodromou and K. Akrathos.
And then finally the first glimpse of Lavra.
Last photo by wv, other photo’s by hv all taken in 2007, and thanks to Google earth.

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2 Responses to 400 – Path from Sk. Anna to Lavra

  1. herman says:

    Als je de groepsfoto vergroot en vergelijkt met de foto van de jonge novice uit 1917 /1918 hieronder dan zie je dat dezelfde ruimte in panteleimon is. Je kan het zien aan de backdrop. Met name direct rechts van de pilaar.

  2. Dincho Krastev says:

    This is one of the most impressive and beautiful paths of Mount Athos! You will have most beautiful views to the sea, you’ll have different flora, forests, even a lot of mushrooms, fresh water to drink and on your left or right side the magical peek. And the paths down to the different skitis are always possible as well as the path up to the peek. Here one could feel very strongly the magic of this sacred place.

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