399 – Pictures of Athos by the Ewing Galloway company

In the book as mentioned in 389 and 390 I found 8 pictures of Ewing Galloway from New York (1881 – 1953). If you Google his name you’ll find a lot of pictures/posters for sale, and some of them are quite famous. It is not known when these pictures where taken on the Holy Mountain. At least one of the pictures below dates from 1934, but I did not get more information about the visit to Athos on the internet. Lets show the pictures:









Ewing Galloway – monk at work, drying figs










Ewing Galloway – main street in Karyes









Ewing Galloway – Dionysiou





Ewing Galloway – a shoe shop in Panteleimon 1934










Ewing Galloway – great bell in Panteleimon monastery






Ewing Galloway – a hermit burning coffee







Ewing Galloway – icon painters in Kavsokalivia

Mr Theunissen found 8 pictures from Galloway for his book in 1965, and according to this story of his life he managed an enterprize in several large cities and at the time of his death he had a collection of 400.000 pictures. But where are the Athos-pictures, taken by an anonymous photographer? Are they still existing and available, or are they hidden in a dusty archive ?!?
By the way, there is another professional photographer, Cas Oorthuys from the Netherlands, who visited Athos and he also made beautifull black and white pictures of Athos and its monks. His collection of pictures must be hidden somewhere in the archive of the Dutch photo museum in Rotterdam. As soon as I find his pictures I’ll show them too.
wv, 17/3

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