396 – Chromitsa


Russian dependency (metochi) near the border. A former hospital of the Russians but now the land is leased to Tsantali winecompany. There was a fire here in august 1887 (Fennell, The Russians on Athos) destroying a large part of the buildings.
These rather rare photo’s are from a Russian site. Rare because it is to far to walk and expensive to take a taxi. Though you can organise an excursion to the vineyards of Tsantali. From the border it will take ten minutes by car.
View from Chromitsa on Ouranoupolis and the Island of Amoliani.
Chromitsa ‘s rooftops are the only buildings of Athos you can see if you are in Ouranoupolis. You have to take a close look in this direction. On this picture Chromitsa is somewhere on the topleft but not visible,

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