393 – Art: M. Panselinos

St. Nicholas by Panselinos, appr. 1300, fresco Protaton, Karyes. The damage is caused by a pipe which was once attached to the wall.

St. Demetrios by Panselinos, appr. 1300, fresco westwall Protaton, Karyes. Photo taken in 1957.
Idem but the photo is now taken by Le baron in 1918.

St. Demetrios, School of Panselinos (not by the master himself but evenso brilliant!), appr. 1300, icon Vatopedi.
NB This is what happenes if somebody copies a fresco from the master Panselinos (copie of a fresco from Athanasius Protaton church – Photis Zachariou). What a difference in quality !
(Tomorow I will show you a briljant piece of art from Panselinos, the head of St. John Prodromos from the Protaton church).wv

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  1. Vasilis says:

    See http://www.eikastikon.gr/xristianika/panselinos/index_en.html for Pansélinos’ fresco’s in colour, among others Tímios Pródromos.

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