390 – pictures of Karyes 1965 / 2007 (from the book in nr 389)

This time I’ll show you some pictures of Karyes from the book of Theunissen and myself:
Karyes from above. Notice that the houses behind the Protaton are now broken down and leaves an ugly empty and open space ! – photo by Tombazi – Athens

Karyes 3/5/2007 – empty spaces just in front of the Protaton – wv Casio 4.0 mp

Karyes 3/5/2007, shows the same cross of seen above from a different direction. Did the maker of the first picture stand on the balcony of the of the (almost) ruined building ? wv

The main street in Karyes – picture Ewing Galloway – New York (1934?)

The main street in 2007 – wv

The roof over the Protaton-church – 2007 wv

Karyes: Monks on the stairs of the Holy Epistatia – 2007 wv

Young monks on pilgrimage, just finished shopping in Karyes- 2007 wv

Karyes: The backside of the Holy Epistatia, the public toilets (the white/red building behind the car) and the parking for busses and taxis – 2007 wv

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