389 – book: Op de heilige berg Athos: W.P. Theunissen 1965

The last book I bought about Athos is from a Dutch writer, Dr. W.P. Theunissen.
Dr. W.P. Theunissen (picture in the inner cover) – 1965

He visited the Holy Mountain in 1934 for the first time and his first book about Athos was published during WW2 in 1944. His second book “Op de Heilige Berg Athos – in de tuin van de Moeder Gods” was published in 1965. This book containes a lot of black and white pictures from different photografers:
Soft cover of the book: Op de Heilige Berg Athos – 1965

In the copy I bought the author wrote this text (in Dutch):

I tried to translate the poem in English:

On all my study trips and wanderings I understood
That the problems of mankind got an answer
In The Light of Eternity
As pilgrims we are on the road to this light
The monks of Athos see in the icons: Theia Pragmata:
Divine things, messengers on the roads to God,
That’s why He is being worshiped on The Holy Mountain, more than any place.
W. Theunissen

As I said, there are al lot of black and white pictures in the book, of which I will show you some here. As a follow up of nr 387, first some pictures of monks:

The young monk Theophilos from Ag. Pavlou – picture from Paul C. Pet – Amsterdam

Monk from Skiti Annis – picture from Paul C. Pet

Monk gets fresh water – Ag. Stavronikita – picture from Paul C. Pet

Old monk with strong glasses from Vatopediou – picture from Paul C. Pet

Next time more about this book – wv 10/3

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  1. Vasilis says:

    The modern Athonite Academy, the Athoniada from de last century is near the Skíti of Agíou Andréa. It has now his own website http://lyk-ekkl-athon.chal.sch.gr/Istoselides/index.htm Unfortunedly, the English version does not work yet.

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