363 – Karakalou

On our way to the monastery of Karakalou in the spring of 1986 we sat down and filled our bottles with fresh water. Fresh water ? Who could imagine that at the same moment an atomic plant somewhere in Russia just had exploded and that the toxic fall-out spread all over Europe ? (and luckily not to much over Athos!).

A well between Philoutheou and Karakalou – 26th april 1986, the day of the disaster in Tsjernobyl

Map of the surroundings of Karakalou – Zwerger (thanks Steffen for your info about the “Ukrain” Kellion near Skiti Provata)

Karakalou, not named after the Roman emperor Karakalla, but an aristocrat Karakalos (1070) – 1986

Katholikon of Karakalou, finished 1548 – 1986

Badly damaged paintings in the Exo-narthex of the Katholikon, second half 18th century – 1986

On our way to the next monastery with a view of Arsanas Philoutheou – 1986
Wim 20/2

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